I guess you could call me a schizophrenic client as I am involved in multiple entities when it comes to accounting. Having good old GR to pull together all these corporate, personal and trust vehicles is a real cushion of satisfaction and provides insulation from the stresses of coping with those elements of life and business that I was born to run for cover from.Complex rules, deadlines, form filling, regular reports and returns, ledgers, tax, gst, levies, wages, cash forecasts and balance sheets make my skin crawl and I am actually amazed that there are people out there who revel in this stuff and dedicate their lives to wrestling with figures and copious financial machinations.

If we’re honest we all hate to pay others to do things for us, and sometimes we wonder if these “favours” could be done a little cheaper, but at the end of the day knowing that all those mind-crushing chores are being handled to perfection by a devoted team such as GR is so comforting that I often feel quite smug about it.

I suspect that I may have one of the longest continuing associations with GR (over 40 years ) and this in itself is surprising in that in most areas of commerce I can be very fickle and am constantly seeking a bargain (it’s a principle of my successful business). However I am not so stupid as to give up on the things that consistently work well for me and now it looks like GR and I will form a lifelong partnership which will in fact outlive my two marriages.
GR deserves to continue do well.

Thanks to Steve and the whole team. I would like to particularly thank Robyn Clayton (my long-time liaison) for being so unflappable when I have procrastinated, for keeping things simple and for remaining friendly and cheery when pressured due to my inadequacies.